What have I done.

So you wondering what all the Subscribe/Membership stuff is about, well don't panic! I decided to start a membership section, the reason is to build on the audience. I track a lot of page traffic through google analytics because I like to see that the content i'm posting out there is reaching an actual audience, and what better way to track this than have a membership section.  

Do you have to pay?

Nooooo! the content I post here is completely free, and will remain that way. As I use Ghost for hosting this site I have enabled memberships and there is a paywall behind it, just register, open the link in your email and if your greeted with a page asking you to pay then please just ignore it and click Home. Ghost haven't released an update that allows you to disable the initial prompt after login. Just click Home and select the article you want to read.

Future Content.

All future content will be listed as Members Only, this is purely so that I can build on my audience and have an easier way to push content more directly to those that are willing to listen.