How to Auto install Docker 18.04 - 19.10 (Still Here!)

Docker automatic installation script written to save time when setting up new installations on Ubuntu 18 & 19

How to Auto install Docker 18.04 - 19.10 (Still Here!)

I'm Still Alive!.

Been away for a while, had a baby! (Well I didn't) sorry for those that have been visiting and following the status of the next script release.

The Script.

The script installs Docker Community Edition on Ubuntu versions 18.04 - 19.10

Get the Script.

cd ~
git clone

Run the Script.

cd docker-auto-install-ubuntu
sudo bash ./

During the installation you will be asked if you would like the docker command to be run without the need for sudo, simply enter y or n.

If you read this and you would like to give any feedback or discuss the script any further, please email