Join Me!

Join Me!

So iv'e been away from here for a while and although I certainly haven't lost the love for it, I have decided to get stuck back in and try and make this site grow. Not massive, but Bigger!!

So I have decide that its about time I started to build a team around this site.

If you like the site, and you're somebody who spends hours sat at a keyboard bashing away making scripts, regardless of what they are for... it's the passion that counts, have a browse of the site and ask yourself if you do stuff on a regular basis that would benefit the masses by sharing, and if it's something you'd like to get involved in.

I have a lot of time i'd like to dedicate to with a future view on it being something really special. If you'd be interest in jumping on board then drop me line.

If anything, we will both have someone to talk to at 2am....